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Dessert Pear

Semi-Dry Perry, Tank-aged perry blended with rum barrel-aged perry, 6.8% ABV, Carbonated

Cider Maker's Notes:

Floral-fruity, "Riesling-like" aroma and flavor with light oak and very soft spirituous notes.  Low sweetness with medium acidity and tannin structure finishes semi-dry and tart.

Our artisan-crafted beverages are made from a blend of Washington-grown fruit using slow, cool fermentation.  Fermented cider and perry is aged in cider tanks and oak rum barrels from 1 month to a year depending on the desired product.  Mature cider is blended to showcase the fruit and then balanced with sweetness, acidity and oak tannin for a complex structure and finish.  Talk with Roger about our products.  Our high quality cider and perry are achieved with quality, locally sourced ingredients and patience.

Cherry Flirt

Semi-Sweet Apple-Cherry Hard Cider, Tank-aged, 6.7% ABV, Carbonated

Cider Maker's Notes:

Tart, pie cherry and cidery aroma and flavor.  Cidery, dessert apples showcase the combination of tart red cherries and dark sweet cherries that flirt with your palate.  Medium acidity and tannin structure balanced with sweetness leaves you smiling at the semi-sweet finish.

Our Products

Dessert Apple

Semi-Dry Hard Cider, Tank-aged cider blended with rum barrel-aged cider, 6.7% ABV, Carbonated

Cider Maker's Notes:

Distinct "cidery" apple aroma and flavors with rustic, earthy-oak and spirituous background notes.  Soft acidity and tannin structure with a slight sweetness, finishing semi-dry.


Semi-Dry Dessert Apple Hard Cider, rum barrel-aged 1 year, 6.7% ABV, Carbonated

Cider Maker's Notes: Rustic, rum barrel-aged cider that gives us an interpretative glimpse at what American colonial, homestead cider aromas and flavors were like with firm oak and spirituous notes. Very low sweetness with medium acidity and tannin structure that finishes semi-dry and firm.  Release  code B20150001 resulted in 212 bottles.