The Koi and Apple

Our company icon logo was designed based upon our humble beginnings and heritage.  The koi (carp) draws from our ancestry and has forever symbolized Good Fortune, Success, Prosperity, Longevity, Courage, Ambition and Perseverance in Chinese culture.  Koi were an important part of agriculture in China. Raised in rice paddies, koi meant food- protein to eat and fertilizer for the rice crops.

The color red, corresponds with fire, and symbolizes good fortune, joy, celebration, vitality and happiness in Chinese culture, Feng Shui and Taoist belief. We heavily incorporated red into our logo to represent our passion and joy about our orchard, cider and all of our products.

We adopted a circular pattern for the koi fish, representing the circle of life to which we are all interconnected as a community. Native American lore best describes this inter-connectivity with the "sacred hoop" and its tremendous importance and symbolism.

Finally, slightly hidden and mysteriously at the center of negative space is an apple image to remind us that we make our products from a humble pomme. If you research the simple apple, you will find that it is surrounded by many mysterious legends and stories. It symbolizes things that aren’t so simple such as love and fertility. A few interesting facts, the apple is member of the rose family and there are over 10,000 varieties of apples throughout the world.

Gold, a symbol of royalty and opulence was the color we chose to represent our cider in name and standard of quality. Our customers deserve the best. Our company name, Three Kees Cider was chosen because we have three children who are our most precious gifts. They represent our future. Our two sons deal with the challenges of autism every day. Our daughter, the youngest Kee, works through the issues of being a sibling indirectly affected by her brothers’ conditions. The world can be a harsh place with limited understanding of such things. Our company will provide each of them with an honest livelihood someday, surrounded by a community of people who love our products. Our hope is that the three Kees will be able to flourish, harness their creativity and find their worth providing simple joys to others.